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The golden mean


Other than two-room apartments or a room in a shared apartment, this studio combines the benefits of favourable rent and an independently organised housing unit due to the dimensions of 35m2 to 40m2.


Due to a well-placed and functional room divider, there are two separate areas for living and sleeping. This allows that the apartment can be adapted to all personal requirements and the studio can be furnished and customized according to personal needs and taste.


The cupboard in the entrance room, the kitchen furniture and the room divider are all top-quality HAKA products. They are especially designed to fit into the studio and are build in by highly qualified woodwork experts.

Different options




Cellar compartment




Cellar compartment

Interior Plans


35,28 m2

5,07 m2

18,19 m2

3,00 m2

32,41 m2

4,95 m2

4,72 m2

3,00 m2

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